XStim Consulting at URTeC 2022


We know how important it is to stay on top of new technology in drilling and completion operations. By keeping up with the latest equipment and material advancements XStim Consulting can make better recommendations to our clients on how to drill and complete a well more efficiently. As Oil and Gas consultants we want to

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Efficiency in Acid Displacement


This month we continue our 3 part series on engineering efficiency in completion operations with addressing acid displacement in frac pump times. Applying new concepts in acid displacement during wireline pump down operations allows us to place acid near the perfs, or displace acid entirely, after perforating for a stage. Doing this decreases the pump

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Engineering Efficiency In Completion Operations


Starting this February we will be releasing a 3 part series where we will identify areas in completion operations where time and materials can be saved. Areas that will be discussed are optimizing surface equipment by utilizing new technologies or ideas, applying new concepts for acid displacement, and the benefits in pumping simul-frac on multi well pads.

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Fourteen Forty Pump Time Record


We are currently working with Downing and Liberty Oilfield Services for a project in NM with Kaiser Francis. We have been utilizing Downing Freedom Series System and iControl giving us the opportunity to continuously pump. It has been a pleasure supervising and helping coordinate with Downing and Liberty to achieve Operation 1440 for the first

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