About Us


XStim Consulting provides well site supervision and technical support to the Oil & Gas Industry in various fields throughout the world. Our team manages all upstream operations from drilling to completions. Our goal is to optimize operations and maximize performance through experience and communication.

Together we have a combined work experience of over 40 years where we have developed a network of experts & professionals in the Oil & Gas Industry. These are professionals who we know can get the job done safely and efficiently. We would like to introduce you to these people and help you optimize your operation.

Each of our partners have a strong technical background with engineering roots. Partnered up we have a well rounded team combined of drilling and completion engineers that are operationally focused to manage any project. We like to pride ourselves in bridging the gap between engineering and operations.

Why Work With Us


We know that it takes more than just a plan to complete a project, it takes people and someone to manage that plan. Our greatest asset are these people. That is why we take pride in the people we represent to help with your operation. Anyone we recommend or provide is of the highest caliber, most qualified, and best fit for your operational needs.

Our reputation is known for providing consultants with nothing but the best experience and attitudes. We do this by recommending and providing qualified and goal oriented personnel for our clients projects. Our consultants help bridge the gap between engineering and operations.


Our Expertise


We want to be there for the entire completion of your well. Our drilling and completion consultants help our clients achieve excellence by operating safely at the highest standard while working efficiently. We know how important it is to stay within the budget when bringing wells online. That is why we pride ourselves in helping our clients complete their wells under budget. Check out how we can optimize your operation through experience and communication.

Working at Marathon Oil we pride ourselves on leading the industry in safety and efficiency. XStim Consultants help us achieve those goals by instilling Marathon’s safety principles and employing their expertise to ensure every job meets our high standards.
Michael Christy, Completions Engineer, Marathon Oil Company

In my experience, XStim consulting is a top shelf organization. Consultants like Logan Lockman are knowledgeable, determined, and results-oriented; professionals who work with the individual experts in the field to accomplish the common goal.

John Shaner, Wireline Field Engineer, FTS International

Aaron has worked for our company since 2014 and has been an exceptional asset. His experience and expertise were instrumental to us getting our completion program done efficiently and safely. You can trust him and his team to serve you company’s best interest with a good attitude, strong work ethic, and immense knowledge.

Burris Smith, Operations Engineer , Kaiser Francis Oil Company

Professional, knowledgeable and attention to detail are phrases that come to mind when I think about XStim. I have had the pleasure of working with XStim off and on for the last year. When I walk into the data van and see I’m working with them, I instantly know the job is going to be executed with the utmost efficiency, safety and teamwork.Last but not least, they are all great guys to be around and make the workplace more enjoyable!

Ron Mace, Field Supervisor 2, Schlumberger

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