Starting this February we will be releasing a 3 part series where we will identify areas in completion operations where time and materials can be saved. Areas that will be discussed are optimizing surface equipment by utilizing new technologies or ideas, applying new concepts for acid displacement, and the benefits in pumping simul-frac on multi well pads.

Bringing together these new technologies and concepts we are able to optimize operations in a way that allows us to shorten frac pump times and transitions without changing the fluid and prop loading for the lateral length of the well. The procedure for each area discussed will be detailed in each post explaining the concept/technology and its value or significance in the process.

Utilizing these new technologies in equipment allow for faster well transitions while fracing. We found that we can do this by changing the wellhead and zipper configuration. Now we are able to save more time, fluid, fuel, exposure, & total cost. Minimizing transition times increase the opportunity for more stages per day while reducing idle time for equipment while transitioning.

Wellhead PumpdownDisplacing green acid during the wireline pump down allows us to place acid in the wellbore after perforating for its respective stage. This decreases the pump time for a stage without changing the fluid design by increasing the average rate. Shorter pump times allow for more stages pumped per day.

Simul-frac operations can increase the total feet completed per day. The results show by changing the number of perfs and total feet stimulated per stage we are able to pump the same design on two wells simultaneously while decreasing hhp-hrs needed by reducing pipe friction. This allows us to not only complete a pad/wells faster but to do so using less diesel and producing less emissions.

Come back next month for our first topic of discussion of saving transition times at the wellhead and how you too can do that. By bringing these concepts & technologies together we can prove that by optimizing the job with new procedures and surface equipment this will allow us to save time, money, and environmental impact.



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